Anytype is a local-first, E2E encrypted software designed as a secure place to create and store digital assets.
You can use Anytype to create and connect your tasks, notes, ideas, documents, workflows, and more. Future versions will allow you to share your work and safely collaborate with others. Our long-term vision is for Anytype to enable large-scale collaboration to create a global repository of interconnected knowledge.

Here are a few things to know about Anytype before you get started:

Local-first: You own your data

The content you create in Anytype is local-first and everything happens on-device — even when you work with others. You can turn off your WiFi and continue to access your content with 100% data availability.

Privacy: Your data is encrypted

Your data is E2E encrypted from the moment it leaves your device. As a participant in our alpha testers community, your data is automatically backed up to our node to prevent data loss. We cannot however, understand anything about your data even if we look at it on our backup node - not what type of object it is, what is contained within it, nor which Objects it is linked to. It is only possible to see that X user has a tree of encrypted messages connected with each other via IDs. To understand more about how data is treated in the alpha program, please have a look at Privacy & Security.

Community-first: Build Anytype Together with Us 💚

We have a vibrant community of more than 10,000 alpha testers who regularly test new features, make bug reports, improve our docs, and share cool playlists.
We would not be who we are without your support, and would love to see you making your own mark on our community:

Use cases


Anytype is in its first version. An encrypted, offline-first tool for thought with robust sync on mobile and desktop. Please feel free to our Vision and Roadmap.
This is an alpha-stage software. Some things might still be rough around the edges, so please share your thoughts and reports in the community. You can make a bug report, feature request, or ask questions there.
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