Anytype is the next-generation software that works the way your brain does. It solves everyday problems while respecting your privacy and data rights. Anytype is a personal knowledge base, a digital brain that allows you to capture, describe, and connect information.
You can use Anytype to create tasks, notes, ideas, documents, workflows, and more, and organize them any way you want. Future versions will allow you to share your work and safely collaborate with others. Our long-term vision is for Anytype to enable large-scale collaboration to create a global repository interconnected of knowledge.

How do we stand out?

And what can we offer you now?

Privacy: Your information is encrypted and under your control

Your data gets encrypted and stays on your devices. Data goes directly between your devices (desktop and mobile), and by default, nobody can access your data except you. However, if you choose to share your data, you will control who can see it and what they can do with it.
You can dive into Privacy & Security for more details.

Flexibility: Replace several tools with just one

Most note-taking apps limit the information and structures you can create, giving you few possibilities for customization or developing powerful workflows. With Anytype, you can create a system that serves your personal needs. Do you want a system with different templates and views for various cases? Do you need to link to your study space - where lessons and courses are stored - with other areas like tasks and manage it all in database-like views? No problem! Are you used to using one of the many existing work management methods, like Getting Things Done (GTD) or OKR? Using the flexibility and power of Antype's simple, built-in tools, you can create these and more.

Think the way you want: Graph and database views

You can think and navigate abstract and systematic within the same application. You can create a network of your thoughts, connecting objects together in any way you want, but more defined structures like database views are also available when you need them. So you can get the best of all worlds.
You can easily switch between graph and database-like view

Works Offline and Locally

Everything happens on-device — even when you work with others. You can turn off your WiFi and reduce stress by having all your data with you, in the plane, camping, remotely, every time. 100% data availability and no need to rely on an internet connection.
Working Offline means, No Server => No Lag.

Easy to use

You may assume that Anytype has to be complicated and challenging to use with all these capabilities. But we believe you'll be pleasantly surprised! You can use more than ten blocks to create a document you like.
Check Blocks & Canvas for more details.

It's free

  • No storage limits. No upload limits. You use your device storage, and nobody can limit you.
  • Backup is provided free of charge to all alpha testers. Your objects are encrypted and synced to our cafe nodes. If your device is lost or damaged, you can restore the latest snapshot from our backup node. Data on the backup node is encrypted, and the Anytype team cannot access your data. More about Storage & Deletion.


Anytype based on these 4 fundamentals

Use cases


Anytype is in its first version. An encrypted, offline-first tool for thought with robust sync on mobile and desktop. Want to see the future? Take a look at the Vision and Roadmap.
The application is in the Alpha stage. Something can be rough at the edges, so please write your thoughts and reports in the community. You can make a bug report, feature request, or ask questions there. You can also join our telegram and discord groups for chatting with other Anytypers.
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