On the desktop or Android (iOS is not supported yet), navigate to the bottom of your Sidebar just above the Bin:

Type Library

When you open up your library, you have the Anytype library as well as My Types.

Anytype library being the types that come with Anytype by default, some which you've already been using, and some which we hope give you some inspiration.

In the future, we look forward to having your contribution and creating many more use cases and types!

The checkmarks show you which types are currently in your library (My types).

If you click on the type name, you will see the templates which have been created for it.

In the My Types library you have types which you've saved and created.

System types can't be removed.

You can also Create a New Type from the middle bar in your Anytype library.

Relation Library

Select the tab at the top center of the page to view Relations.

The Relations Library is organized the same as with Types, but your icons are a bit different.

Clicking on a Relation here will give you the choice to install to your Library.

To Create a New Relation, enter a title in the search bar, & select "+ Create Relation".

The My Relations tab is where you can access all installed Relations in your Anytype.

Clicking on a specific Relation will open a Set View of all Objects utilizing that Relation.

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