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Tools for thought, freedom & trust

Anytype is an encrypted, local-first alternative to the cloud-based Internet.

With Anytype, you can build digital spaces around your interests. These spaces can be personal - for diaries, ideas and drafts, or shared - with your family, small communities, teams, neighbors and people with similar interests.

Unlike cloud applications, Anytype puts the control of encryption keys firmly your hands, so you own your data and your social graph. Spaces you create are local first - they can be created offline and can sync peer-to-peer in local networks.

Anytype is supported by AnySync - an open-source protocol that supports high-performant collaboration over encrypted data and creators’ controlled keys. You can find our codebase here.

With every architectural choice, we aim to make fundamental digital freedoms unconditional. Here you can read more of our thoughts on cloud vs. local first Internet.

You can also explore pre-made templates and experiences from our community in our Experience Gallery.

If you have questions, feedback, and ideas join us in our community forum. If you want to contribute, here's where you can do so.

Getting Started

If you're new to Anytype, you can learn the basics here:

And if you are still a bit confused about some of it, please check out this excellent guide by one of our power users:

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