Customizing Your Space

Personalize your Space here. At the top left of the application you'll find your space name and settings.

Clicking on your space name will open up your space settings.

These are the customization options for your space:

  1. Customize your space icon

  2. Add your space name

  3. Create an invitation link

  4. Manage your space members

  5. Manage your space storage

  6. Choose your homepage

  7. Choose the default object type

Choose your space icon

Your space icon is automatically generated during the onboarding process. To change it, simply click on the icon and choose from the emoji menu or upload your own image.

Choose your Homepage

Your homepage is what you will see each time you open Anytype. By default, your homepage has been set to a pre-installed 'Dashboard' object which serves to get your oriented within your space.

However, you can change your homepage by using the dropdown menu in your space settings and choosing between your graph, your last opened object, or a specific object you've created.

Import & Export

You can import to or export from your space by going into Anytype > Space Settings > Integrations > Import to space / Export space.

When it comes to apps, we currently only offer imports from Notion, and when it comes to file formats, we currently offer these:

  • Markdown - We support importing from individual .md files, a zip file or directory (only on MacOS). Relations are currently not exported.

  • HTML

  • TXT

  • CSV

  • Any-Block

    • Protobuf

    • JSON

Because not all Notion features are present in Anytype yet, some Notion data might not end up being imported properly.

After your import is done, a new collection should appear in your favorites widget in your sidebar. All of your imported objects should be there.

When it comes to export formats, we currently offer Markdown and Any-Block (both Protobuf and JSON).

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