Vault Settings

Customize your profile, set up additional security, or delete your vault


To locate your vault settings, click on your profile icon in the bottom navigation bar, and then click on the settings button in the top right corner.


Here you can add your name, bio, and profile picture. Your profile represents an Object in your Anytype Graph which you can freely link to other Objects.


Spellcheck Languages: You can enable automatic spellcheck from 40+ languages, or disable the spellcheck.

Interface Language: You can choose amongst the community-translated versions to localize your interface.

Show Quick-capture menu on: You can decide how you want the new capture menu to work (click, hover, or right-click).

Link to object style: You can decide which style should the /link command use by default (either card or text).

Open objects in fullscreen: You can decide whether you want all objects to be opened in fullscreen by default.


Set color mode: Choose between light, dark or system color modes.

Automatically show and hide sidebar: With this option disabled the sidebar won't automatically pop out when you hover over the left side of the screen.

Show Anytype in system tray: Anytype will always stay running in the background, but you have the option to either have it show in the system tray or not.

Display relative dates: You can decide whether you want relative dates like today / tomorrow to be used, or whether you want all dates to show the exact date.

Show menu bar: This setting will show the default menu bar for your OS.

Pin Code

This feature is currently available only on desktop.

If you want more privacy, like when sharing a computer, you can set up a PIN code. This will lock the app and keep your Key safe. You'll just need to enter the PIN each time your Anytype session ends (after 1 minute, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, or 1 hour) or when you need to access your Key.

We do not store this data so we cannot help you in recovering your vault in the case it is lost. Make sure to write down your pin code next to your Key.


You can also manage all of your spaces by going into Settings > Spaces.

Data Management

Local Files: You can choose to offload files stored in Anytype to our Encrypted Backup Node.

Data Location: You can also decide where your data is stored (desktop only).

Vault Deletion: Also, if you would like to delete your vault, you can do it in this section.


You can access your Key or scan the QR code to connect your mobile device. For more details, please check Key.


You can manage your membership plans here.

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