Setting Up Your Vault

Let's get started using Anytype!

Create your vault

If you haven't created a vault yet, you can easily create one by clicking New Vault and then following the provided instructions.

Log-in using your Key

On the contrary, if you already have a vault, click on Login and enter your Key to proceed.

Make sure you store your Key somewhere safe, and try not to share it with anyone who can't be trusted!

Log-in using the QR code

In addition to using your key to log in, you can also use the QR code to login faster if your desktop is close by.

To log in using the QR code, simply navigate to your Key.

Settings > Vault > Key.

Beneath your Key you'll find your blurred out QR code, when you click the image it will display.

Now you can scan this code with your mobile device and install the app.

Migrate existing data

If you would like to import your existing data from other apps, please check out Import & Export.

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