Any Timeline


  • These were the early days of Anytype during which the team was looking for potential investors after they've developed the initial vision for the app.

  • This phase started sometime in 2019, and by 2020 the plans for the app were already public.


  • The alpha phase started around June 2020 when the first users started testing the app.

  • Users who signed up during this stage and helped us test and improve the app, get 10GB of storage for free and the alpha flair on the community forum.

  • The app used during this time is now referred to as the legacy app.

Beta (current)

  • The first beta release was 0.32.0 and it was released on 15 June 2023. Alpha users who wanted to keep their data needed to migrate to the new app.

  • The official open beta launch was on 19 July 2023.

Public Release

  • There is currently no ETA for the public release.

  • You can check our progress towards it through our public roadmap.

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