Product Workflow

Why we build what we build

The community has been the cornerstone of our work since Day 1. Today, we will attempt to open the product processes behind Anytype. This will be the first step and we hope to continue it in the future with more details if it is deemed valuable to the community.

There are always two critical questions regarding product work:

Before jumping to these ones, let's cover the basics.

Work process

  • Our year is divided into three seasons. Our aim is to have two-three releases per season.

  • Product team has two parts for each season: delivery and discovery.

  • During delivery, we focus on executing our plans, while in discovery, we gather insights for future planning.

Discovery ⟶ Delivery

The discovery process is typically behind the scenes, but it's crucial part since only during this part we can understand What? Why? How? .

During the planning for each season, we consider two types of features:

On our public roadmap, you can find the features that have been delivered or have gone through the discovery process and are due to be delivered.

Strategic importance

  • Multi-spaces, with any level of work granularity

  • Multiplayer and truly secure collaboration between people

  • Experience library and community use cases

  • Files as an object as new dimension of file work

  • Log in process and account security

We hear you!

Things that will be covered based on the community requests:

And much more!

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