Account & Data

Peeking in the Account & Data section of your settings.


Customizing your profile will serve more importance when we introduce what is to come in the future.
For now you can add your personal name and profile picture.
You can also find your data here, clear your file cache.
Also, delete your account or log out, which we hope you never do.
Customizing your profile name in settings

Recovery Phrase

We've already gone over this in detail. If you would like to revisit this topic see the page over here: Recovery Phrase

Pin Code

Why is this useful?
Need some extra privacy? Maybe sharing a computer?
Setting up a pin code will allow you to protect your recovery phrase. This will mean that you must enter your pin code in order to access your recovery phrase.
Again, we do not store this data so we cannot help you in recovering.
So, make sure to write this one down next to your recovery phrase note.