What's in your sidebar?


First on top is the Favorites section. On every page you will have the choice to add to favorites. You can add anything here.
From pages, to notes, to sets, and collections. Store them in your favorites for quick & easy access.


Here you can see all your sets that you've created. It allows you to have quick access and an easy view of your most important objects.
Why is it useful?
Anytype gives you the possibility to see your sets easily. For example; your task tracker can be seen from the sidebar, allowing you to check off tasks without actually going to the page.
You can replicate this view multiple times with various other sets, optimizing your workflow.


All of the pages you've recently visited will show here.
Changing between pages? Here you can find the ones you were just in.


This is the library of Types and Relations.
If you click through you will land on the Anytype library, full of types created & predefined by Anytype. find options from Book, to Goal, to Task, and many more.
Left of the Anytype library label there is My types, which will show you all the types created by you!
Navigating to the top of the page, you will see "Types" and "Relations"
Clicking on Relations will bring you to the Anytype library of relations, and just as with types, you have a library of relations created by you.
Read here for more on Types and Relations


This is where your deleted objects go, and they are available to recover as well.