Can pages be nested one to another?

Does the page become included into another when you create a link or move object?
Let's look at an example:
  • I have object A.
  • In object A, I had a link to an existing object B.
  • Then I moved object B inside object A (move to action).
  • At this point, I am starting to have a link to object B on object A. What's happened?
Answer: they both starting to have links to each other.
We have no nesting for Fundamentals. So object doesn't physically include/store different objects.
All Anytype structures are based on links between objects. Links are directional, so you know that page A links to → page B. You can link oppositely if you need that. You can't use classical hierarchy when files belong to folders and folders create a path. But you can make some of the objects Favourite to be accessible straight from Home.
All objects connections will soon look like an interconnected network:
Some objects have links from completely different context