Bring multiple objects into one view with Sets. You can make a Set for a specific type of object, like seeing every task in one view. Inside a Set, you can sort, filter, and choose a view.
All Tasks in one place
Sets don't store objects like regular databases. Instead, they are a way to see a portion of your knowledge graph that matches the given criteria, like Type == Task. So can add a new Task object anywhere inside the Anytype, and it will be shown in Task Set! Sets help you sort through and create specific database-like views to work with many objects at once.
Look at Creating a Task Tracker tutorial to learn by doing

Create a Set

You can create a Set with a + menu in the Home or bottom-left corner or in / menu in the editor. After that, you need to decide what you want to see there. For example, project management may require a Project type for a book reading list.
From the Library, choose an object type, click "Create," and choose "Create a set."
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Create a Set