Creating a place for Studies


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    Create your object for University or for Course name. There you can make your own inter-linked wiki with documents, files, tasks, and projects related. You can create links to Courses and Modules, like Macroeconomics for Business or just Math for example.
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    Let's create a place for your Class Notes. You need to click + on home, choose Sort, Filter, & Edit Objects with Sets and set Class Note as a source. Finally, you have made a place for all your lectures and seminars!
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    You can now add relations you want to see in Set:
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      Class type: lecture, seminar
    2. 2.
      Сlass: Course or Module name that you've created at step 1
    3. 3.
      Class Type: Lecture, Seminar
    4. 4.
      Tasks: something you need to do related to class, like Homework
    5. 5.
      Reflection: re-read what you've created in class, add more relations between objects, and get more understanding of the theme covered
All Class Notes at the same place
Sets collect all your objects that match given criterion. You can add a new Class Note object anywhere inside of Anytype, and it will be shown in Class Notes!

Custom type

If you want to create a more comprehensive learning system with several entities inside like Courses and Modules in a separate sets, we propose to for that.


It is handy to create Templates. While creating notes in class or meetings, you don't have the time to layout and add relations every time. So, you can choose the Template we provide or make a custom one that fits your needs.
Class Note template
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