Creating a Reading List


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    To create a Reading List, you need to click + on home, choose Set and set Book as a source. That's it, you have made a place for all your books!
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    You can now add relations to your content. Ratings, Pages, Progress, Author, Goodreads Link.
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    For additional customization, you can have multiple views and filters to make your content more accessible.
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      The Gallery view looks better for objects like this.
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      Add filters by relation tag, so you will be able to sort books by themes
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      You can add images as PageCover or with the Relation attachment
Sets collect all your objects that match the given criterion. You can add a new book anywhere inside of Anytype, and it will be shown here!

Custom type

If you want to create a more broad Reading List with several entities inside like Books and Articles at the same time, we propose to Create a Type for that.


It is convenient to create templates for each view and object type. E.g. a template for Books will have Author, Rating, Pages etc. Whereas a template for Blog posts or Articles will have the URL, Topic and other additional information. Using templates with multiple views and filters is the fastest way to add new information without opening pages.
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