Organizing notes

Quick start

How to use Anytype like you used Evernote or Apple Notes before? How to manage a well-tuned note-taking system and not spend life on maintenance?
This part will tell about to easy management of such things:
  • Fast-capturing notes with the ability to quickly sort them later
  • Viewing all your notes and sorting them by last modified date
  • Categorizing notes using tags (while still being able to view them all in one place)

Custom workflow

Sometimes you need to do things as efficiently as it is possible. For such purposes, you can set up a workflow with custom Broken link and Connect Everything with Relations. This section will help you answer these questions:
  • How to create Templates in Anytype?
  • How to create a Solid workflow using Types and Relations?
With such a purpose, we will take a popular note-taking method as an example: