Collaborate With Others

In the Space Settings menu of each space you’ve created (excluding your Default space), you’ll now see the option to Share Space in your Space settings. By clicking here, you can generate an invite link for the Space, which can be sent to anyone.

Once they click the link and request to join your Space, you’ll receive a notification prompting you to add this person as an Editor, Viewer, or to reject the request entirely. Editors have edit access to all objects within the Space, while Viewers have read-only access to all objects within the space.

As a Space owner, it is possible to share up to three Spaces at this time. You can manage the roles of guests you have invited to your Space, or remove them altogether. Guests who have been removed from a space will receive a notification that they have been removed from the Space, and will see an option to export the contents of the Space.

From today onward, we warmly welcome you to begin testing out shared spaces, starting with the small things: idea boards, shopping lists, projects, and wikis. If you need inspiration, you can always check the Multiplayer Experiences newly added to the Experience Gallery (or submit your own!).

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