Vault & Key

To protect everything you create and your connections with others, you have an encryption key that only you control.


A Vault is an encrypted box stored on your device, which holds your information. It allows you to send, receive, and store information with full privacy and ownership over what you create.

All the Spaces you create and share will be stored in your Vault. Because public key cryptography is used to secure your Vault, it is unbreakable - all computational resources on earth are not enough to break into one Vault.


The Key to your Vault is generated locally on your device when the Vault is created. It is represented by 12 words only you should know. It is like a password that you don’t choose.

The Key decrypts your Vault. Only you have access to it. That’s why Anytype cannot recover it for you, if it is lost. You can find your Key in your Profile Settings.

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