Backup & Self-Hosting

Backup node

Every Anytype user has access to a remote backup node provided by Anytype. Its capacity is currently limited to 1 Gb. Objects and other content have no impact on this limit; only files are limited. If you go over the limit, a warning will appear, and you'll be able to ask for more storage.
Our backup nodes are located in Switzerland.
We plan on introducing third party sync providers in the future.

Disable the Anytype backup node

There is currently no option in the account settings to disable the backup node, but this is something we are planning on introducing soon (2023Q3).
Alternatively, you can block Anytype network traffic (Anytype & Anytype Helper) via your firewall.

How to self-host Anytype

If you don’t want to use Anytype backup node, you can self-host your own using this guide. It is our first step in this direction, so it requires some technical skills from users and depends on several external solutions.
Our contributors are already working on creating a Docker image to simplify the setup of self-hosted infrastructure. You can join by following this discussion on our GitHub page.
Internally, we're already working on adding network configuration ability into the apps. This will make the process of rebuilding clients optional and greatly simplify the self-hosting flow. We expect to deliver this feature in upcoming releases.