Types bring definition to your objects, informing how they look and the relations they feature. You can always change your object's type. What begins as an idea can turn into a task and eventually a project. Your types and their changes sync automatically between your devices.
All types in library
Types included with Anytype:
  • Tasks
  • Contacts
  • Projects
  • Notes
  • Articles
  • Ideas
  • Humans
  • Books
  • & more
Use the draft to create new objects and capture information quickly. Drafts don't support templates or layouts.

Create a Type

To create a new type, use the "Create a new type" button in the library. You can choose the default relations, layout and optionally create a template.

Default Type

For convenience you can also set a Default Type in the settings, this will allow you to quickly create objects of your most used type.
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