Account Settings

Customize your profile, set up additional security, or delete your account


Here you can add your name, bio, and profile picture. Your profile represents an Object in your Anytype Graph which you can freely link to other Objects.


Default Object Type: You can choose a default Object Type (from the default set or your own Types) — it defines the Type of Object that opens up each time you create a new Object using the + button.
Spellcheck Language: You can enable automatic spellcheck from 40+ languages, or disable the spellcheck.
Interface Language: You can choose amongst the community-translated versions to localize your interface.
RTL is not yet fully supported.


You can set a color mode (light, dark, or system) and enable/disable automatically showing the Sidebar:

Pin Code

This feature is currently available only on desktop.
If you need some extra privacy, e.g. while sharing a computer, you can set up a pin code that will lock the app while using and protect your recovery phrase. You will need to enter the pin code each time your Anytype session expires (1 min, 5 min, 10 min, or 1 hour) or if you want to access your Recovery Phrase:
We do not store this data so we cannot help you in recovering. Make sure to write down your pin code next to your Recovery Phrase note.

Data Management

Local files. You can choose to offload files stored in Anytype to our Encrypted Backup Node.
Account deletion. Also, if you would like to delete your account, you can do it in this section.

Recovery Phrase

You can access your Recovery Phrase or scan the QR code to connect your mobile device. For more details, please check Recovery Phrase.