Blocks & Editor

Understanding blocks, editing, and customizing to your preference.

Your object is made up of different types of blocks to organize your information, and the place where all of these Blocks live together is called the Canvas. Anytype's block-based editor works very similarly to that of blogging sites or website builders.

All block styles originate from the command menu, which you can access by either clicking on the orange + symbol on the left-hand side of your editor, or typing /.

From here, you'll see more than twenty different block-types you can add to your object.

Style your Blocks

You can select one block or several at once, and batch edit to create different headings and text styles such as checkboxes, bullets, or numbers.

Inline Styling

We also support styling individual characters / words inside text blocks.

Drag & Drop to Format

You can use the orange 'handle' to the left of each block to create parent/child blocks or new columns in your editor.

Embed Blocks

Simply type /embed in the editor to pull up a menu of currently supported embeds.

Some examples include: Mermaid diagrams, Youtube videos, Miro boards, Google Maps, and several more.

Some file types can also be embedded: audio, video, image and pdf.

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