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Anyone can get started with Anytype, free of charge. If you self-host your data, Anytype is and will always be free to use. For those who use our backup services, you can use Anytype up to 1GB of storage for free. If you need more, please contact us.
We are not prepared to begin charging for usage of Anytype while the app is still in beta, and we rely on our community not to take advantage of the free storage that’s currently offered.


When we do begin to charge, our principles are as follows:
Users should be charged only for the resources they consume. That means that in the short term, we will charge for paid backups of spaces above a certain storage limit. This limit has not been determined, as we still need to understand the true load and cost of hosting spaces on our infrastructure.
In the medium term, our goal is to evolve from an app into a digital cooperative in which you can pay to become a member. Membership comes with benefits such as the ability to publish objects and spaces under a name of your choosing, discoverability in the Any ecosystem, and the right to participate in the earnings of the cooperative based on your contributions.
If you want to learn more about our monetization philosophy, you can check these two articles on the Anyblog:
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